Five experts in Bucaramanga will talk about functional medicine, mental and emotional health, self-knowledge and life purpose

Maria Jose Sierra, Maria Juliana Serrano and Carolina Daza, three entrepreneurs from Santander, are promoting ‘I love you’an academic symposium to be held on September 17 at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga (ONAP).

According to a press release, this academic meeting “was born with a central objective of educating and motivating teachers, parents and residents of Bumanga interested in transforming and improving their quality of life.”

On that recognized day, five experts will talk about functional medicine, mental and emotional health, self-knowledge, and life purpose.

They are Pilar Restrepo (Medical Specialist in Family Medicine); Silvia Ruiz-Calla (Psychiatrist, Gaviriana University); Anna Isabel Tobon Santa Maria (social talker and yoga teacher); Santiago Mulano (Advisor for Human Development Operations and Organizational Culture Transformation); and Francesc Miralles (global expert on personal development and spirituality).

“Querarte” is supported by “Colegio 123 Por Mí” of Bucaramanga.

Organizers point out that “this event will lead attendees to understand that life is a gift when they have the tools to embark on a path filled with responsibility, science and awareness.”

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