The NATIONAL / THE STEAM alliance seeks to implement educational projects that promote science and technology among girls

The Ministry of Vocational Education and Training has announced the ‘STEAM Alliance for Women’s Talent, Girls in A Legacy 2022’ awards to recognize the contribution of educational initiatives to equality and the promotion of science and technology careers among girls and young people.

These awards target educational centers supported by public funds and public or private not-for-profit bodies, which may present their educational projects, course materials or educational innovations aimed at enhancing the interest and presence of girls and young women in science and technology.

The call, which will open between September 1 and October 7, consists of fifteen awards distributed in five avenues: Educational Centers for Higher Level Vocational Training; mid-grade vocational training; ESO and baccalaureate; early childhood and primary education; and public or private entities or organizations.

The “Steam Alliance for Women’s Talents, Girls in the Position of Science” initiative is an initiative of the Ministry to encourage girls and young people to approach scientific and technological disciplines and contribute to bridging the gender gap that exists in this field.

Since its inception in 2021, the Alliance has already joined forces with more than 120 companies, organizations and institutions committed to the mission of developing female talent in science, technology, and the arts. On its website, in addition to data and indicators related to the education system, you can find projects, workshops and activities aimed at teachers, students and especially female students.

Announcing the “STEAM Alliance of Female Talents, Girls Defending the Flag Prize 2022”.

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