The account he went to from Tenerife to the US to meet his “crush” and blocked him

Real or fake?: He told he went from Tenerife to the US to meet his “crush” and got him banned. tik tok

Social Media Content Creator Daniel Barrera (@itsdanibarrera) He has several media outlets on edge after telling his alleged personal story, because the young man was going from Tenerife to the US to see in person with whom he had been talking for some time on the internet. However, after seeing his little anecdote told on the TikTok social network, doubts attack us: Was that trip real or fake?

Specifically, the viral video By Daniel Barrera, who has already garnered more than 1,300,000 views on TikTok, begins with the young man from Tenerife who tells us how he decided to travel the 6000 km from Tenerife to the United States to see the person he had been talking to for three years.

After that, we see chicharrero in a plane, over the sea of ​​clouds Tenerife, we move in Madrid, and from there, we take another flight to Miami (Florida, USA). Later, Daniel traveled to Orlando (Florida, USA) where he finally hoped to find his “liking”.

However, there was no happy ending for Daniel, who was disappointed after waiting for his virtual love in an Orlando mall, when he realized that the expected one would never show up. In fact, he would have banned him on social media.

The flight from Tenerife to the United States, real or fake?

After learning the sad story of Daniel and his journey from Tenerife to the United States, thousands of people decided to comment on his video, the vast majority to support him in the face of disappointment in love, and many others wondered if his journey was true. So the question this post leaves for Daniel is the it true or false? We must be attentive to the young man’s upcoming moves to see if he solves the great unknown.

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