“The American public debt is unpayable.”

“The American public debt is unpayable.”

toThe economic crisis is currently affecting a large number of countries. Massive wars Economic inflation The United States has not experienced what the whole world is experiencing, but rather the nation headed by Joe Biden is experiencing it Big problems in your economy. And this is how it was reflected Santiago Nino BecerraWhich spread its vision of the situation on the other side of the pond.

In a series of messages shared on X (formerly Twitter), the expert known for predicting the 2008 economic crisis responded to an article by Dr. Krugman In El Pais, he emphasized that the United States has recovered from the COVID-19 health crisis and its economy has been restored.

This is the American economy, according to Nino Becerra

“I think Dr. Krugman is not objective when he writes texts like this. He knows it Productivity in the United States is stagnant; that the American public debt is so enormous that it is unpayable; “Without the dollar (whose psychological value is much higher than its real value) the United States would not be able to function as it does,” Nino Becerra asserts on social networks.

For the expert, one of the keys to this clear picture of recovery is the country's historical trend: “U.S One of the most protectionist countries on the planetAnd I'm not just referring to the level of their definitions; A large portion of its population lives on borrowed money. I insist: He knows it.”

A message shared by his followers that actually prompted some to speculate about what was to come: “I think so All this will end with the rich living in their palacessurrounded by walls and unable to leave their bubble of happiness, that if they all breathed the same air, they would die like rats, while outside those walls, the idiots who laughed at them would die.

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