The Argentina U-17 team defeated the United States at the VAR premiere in Ezeiza

Argentina’s under-17 team led by Pablo Aymar beat the United States today 2-1 in a friendly match played at the AFA Stadium in Ezeiza with the help of the VAR, which will be relegated to the First Division from April.

Independiente striker Santiago Lopez, and Riley Delgado, scored in the net, the youth national team goals reversed after starting at a disadvantage.

He attended the team’s first international friendly match, led by Pablo Aimar, the video assistant referee, which will start in the League Cup as of the eighth date.

Mauro Vigliano was the referee with Juan Pablo Bellati and Mariana de Almeida as assistant referees, and the VAR was Hector Balleta and Diego Verlotta (Avar).

Argentina’s initial formation was with Froilán Díaz; Lucas Ramos, Valente Pierani, Thiago Dodd and Gianluca Ciaroni; Ciro Armoa, Juan Jimenez, and Kevin Gutierrez; Santiago Lopez, Agustin Roberto and Thiago Balbuena.

The U-17 team will play again tomorrow from 10:30 against Uruguay, with the IP channel broadcast.

The U-17 team has not participated in an official competition since November 2019 when it was eliminated from Paraguay in the World Cup Round of 16 in the category held in Brazil.

In that team there were players such as Xequiel Zeballos, Christian Medina (Boca), Alain Velasco (former Independiente), Kevin Lomonaco (Lanos) and Juan Sforza (Newells), among others. (blameable)

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