The basic science of care

Meet Esther Gomez (My Favorite Nurse) and Elvira Gonzalez, President of Aetesys (The Spanish Association of Nursing Technicians)

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our view of the Spanish health system, appreciating the professionals that make up it, including Nursing care techniciansthis is this July 14 celebrate them International Day. Not forgetting the nurses and nurses. We all dedicate a new file dolphin memorywhile he was Who is the It draws attention to the rarity of these functional features globally. Arthur Martin Share the morning with Esther GomezA nurse specializing in emergencies and out-of-hospital emergencies (My favorite nurse); and with Elvira Gonzalezpresident etsysSpanish Association of Nursing Technicians, Emergency, Health and Social Health. Your main collection ClaimsThe differences between one profession and another. And as in this program, remembrance is almost mandatory, we look back to discover the pioneer, Isabel Zendal (A Coruña, 1771), with Lucia Sancho. We stop again to put ourselves in it 1973which is the date on which the Statute of Nursing Care Technicians was approved, among other relevant events we are reviewing Mara Petersenlike kill white carrier. Far beyond our borders, a Spanish name made its debut at the Oscars, a name Luis BuñuelThe Creator, in perpetual exile, with whom we rediscover Patricia Costa. David Lefty Take us to August 23, 1973, to a branch Credit Bank From Stockholm, from which a known syndrome appeared; s J Redhead He arrives ready to match his girlfriend Pharrell Williams with Mozart himself.

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