The best road trips in America this summer


a road trip It is one of the best options to discover a country or a country that you are proud of Natural BeautyMagical cities, unique landscapes and other treasures are around every corner.

United State It is one of the best destinations to take advantage of road trips, with exciting adventures everywhere and dozens of places and things to discover, especially during the summer.

Even this type of travel has become a classic among holiday holidays, so much so that it is very common to see them on TV or in the cinema.

If you are planning a program road trip On your next vacation, consider these options, you are sure to love them.

Karitera Hana, Maui

It is about a two and a half hour drive from Kahului to Hana in Hawaii. The excursion is a journey through trails on the edges of cliffs, with vegetation of trees of all kinds, Jurassic landscapes, red sand beaches, Nudist beaches, waterfalls, valleys, trails, beautiful landscapes and wildlife viewing areas.

Blue Ridge Parkway between South Carolina and North Carolina

Cross over 500 miles of road Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks with stunning views of Appalachian.

Although the best season is summer, the scenic tour is available during all seasons of the year, and each has a different charm, such as the golden hues of autumn, abundant summer plants and snow in winter.

Lakeshore Drive, Chicago

The 42-kilometre route runs through some of the most beautiful and famous urban areas in Chicago, with huge buildings on one side and beaches and piers on the other.

It starts north in Hollywood and reaches south through Jackson Park. While walking, you can see huge architectural structures such as Tori Willis, Belle Époque by Burnham y Root’s Rookery.

17 mile drive, california

crosses a peninsula Monterey in California And less than 10 miles away.

The road runs from the towns of Pacific Grove to Carmel; Through private areas, from the woods of Del Monte, owned by Pebble Beach Golf Course, to cliffs, harbor seal colonies, and lookout points for enjoying a Pacific sunset.

Passengers have to pay a fee of $10.25 To be able to cross the path of special areas.

US 1, Florida Keys

The trip includes a 120-mile island chain tour Florida Keys.

Travelers can enjoy beach bars and water sports; Plus stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico or underwater coral reefs, lighthouses and 7 Mile Bridge, one of the tallest in the world.

Route 66 طريق

Internationally known as the “Mother of All Roads”, Route 66 طريق It is one of the main attractions for travelers who have decided to explore the United States through a road trip.

Specifically, it begins on Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue in Chicago and ends at eFor Santa Monica Pier, Angels.

On a drive on this highway, you can enjoy dozens of nationally recognized attractions such as Grant Park, Chicago; Pontiac, Illinois; Lincoln Park, Illinois; Riverton, KS; Toot Ball Park directed by Ed Galloway, Oklahoma; Cadillac Ranch, Texas; Gallup, NM; Santa Monica Pier, California; Petrified Forest National Park, Grand Canyon, Arizona, and many more.

ROTA 12, Utah

This road winds through gorgeous rocky landscapes and winds through the national parks of Capitol Reef s Bryce Canyon.

Along the 124-mile route, you can find charming villages within walking distance of each other, as well as sandstone canyons and cliffs, including the famous. hogback

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