The Cartoon Network Animated Series That Almost Nobody Remembers

The Cartoon Network Animated Series That Almost Nobody Remembers

It’s been two decades since many of the most popular soap opera series have been around Cartoon Network They had the first show on the TV channel. Many of them can be easily remembered: The Powerpuff Girls, Ed and Ed and Eddie NS Dexter’s Laboratory These are some of those that have marked the childhood of an entire generation. However, there is little to it They are lost in memory But it’s more fun.

One of them had its first show in 1999 Created by Charles Swenson It was produced by Kinofilm Studios of Russia. And although he only had 2 seasons 26 episodes Half an hour in total, it managed to be one of the funniest animated series at that moment. it’s about Mike, Lo y og Here are more clues for you to remember about this fantasy that you definitely saw sometime in your childhood.

The protagonist of this story Michelin, known as Mike, who stands out in her appearance for always using red: she is a redhead, always wears this color and wears earrings that define her. She registered herself as a foreign exchange student – almost unwillingly – she was sent to tropical island It has the ability to drown. There he meets the site residents who are Descendants of a British shipwreck of between it lu y og.

The first of them is a capricious and somewhat selfish princess who draws attention to the rest of those who live on the island. For his part, his cousin Ug is distinguished by his great abilities as an inventor, bringing technological advances to everyone out there. The three together begin to pass through a adventure series While Mike is learning Indigenous customs, while teaching them about Culture in the United States.

Nika Futterman, Nancy Cartwright, Dee Bradley Baker, S Scott Bullock, Corey Burton, Tom Kenny and Cath Susie They were some of the actors who stood out by lending their voices to cartoon characters in the original English version. In the series that was broadcast for Latin America, Mike is played by Gisela Casillas, Lu by Rebecca Gomez and Og by Irwin Dayan. They all told at least two stories for each of the seasons released on Cartoon Network.

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