The closure of the US border boosted sales in Mexico to 170 thousand million pesos: Concanaco

The closure of the US border boosted sales in Mexico to 170 thousand million pesos: Concanaco

Companies in northern Mexico are benefiting from the closing of the border with the United States by recording a 40% increase in their sales, the president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Konkanako), Jose Manuel Lopez Campos.

Organized trade leader stated that Revenue from trade, services and tourism has reached 170 billion pesos since March 2020which started the epidemic so far.

Of this amount, 45 billion pesos represents only commercial sales; The remaining 125 billion pesos is for sales of services and tourism in the Mexican border region anyway. This is thanks to the fact that the purchases of clothes, shoes, petrol and food that were previously made United StateAnd It is now implemented in the states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora and Tamaulipas.

“Only in Matamoros there is a record number of 115,000 visas, which is $300 per person per month in purchases made in the United States which are resources that are currently still in the region.”

Lopez Campos said this increase in sales contrasts with what is happening in the United States, which because of closing borders, there is a decrease in sales and in the collection of sales taxes and fees.

He stated that, “According to the data reported by the Chambers of Commerce in that region, the closure of the land borders reduced the movement of vehicles through this strip by 50%, and the movement of pedestrians and non-vehicles by more than 60%, and they are mainly local consumers., that is, Mexicans who used to buy from American side.

This effect shows that “restrictions imposed by both governments will not be advisable in the long run, because it is necessary to normalize the exchange of goods and services in that region, in a sustainable way as it has been for many years, since if this situation may cause serious damage to the economies of the two countries.”

For this reason, he expressed confidence that the border will be permanently reopened on August 21, the date set by the US authorities, as this would be favorable for merchants and service providers in the border cities of Mexico.

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