The club that excludes the three economic powers

The club that excludes the three economic powers

Countries known as global powers always rank first in various rankings due to their economic weight and development. But there is a team where they are not successful, and it is the club of the countries with the most number of World Cups in football. Therefore, with regard to the 2022 Qatar World Cup that is being held at the present time, if the economic weight of the countries is analyzed in addition to the cups they won, an arrangement appears in which both rich and underdeveloped countries are mixed. So, which countries have the most football trophies and what is their position in the global GDP?

The fact is that the size of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) does not determine the probability of a country winning or losing the FIFA World Cup, because when comparing numbers and cups, it was clear that countries such as the United States, China and others. Japan, a major world power, has never won a FIFA World Cup.

On the other hand, Brazil is the country that has won the most cups in the world, winning five World Cups and establishing itself as the first country in the FIFA ranking. Although its economy is not the world’s largest, ranking 12th, it is the strongest in Latin America, with a GDP of around $1.83 trillion, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) figures. This is due to its vast territory, abundant natural resources and diversified economy, which is mainly characterized by the export of raw materials.

Germany and Italy are tied for the countries with the most football trophies after Brazil: four each. However, the economic differences between these countries are evident. While Germany ranks fourth in GDP size, with US$4.52 trillion and 11th in FIFA rankings, Italy ranks eighth, with US$2.05 trillion and ranks sixth in world football.

Next on the list are Uruguay, Germany and France, with two cups each. But if we talk about its global weight in the economy, Uruguay is no longer doing so well, as it is ranked 88th, with 52,121 million USD. Neither is Argentina, because it is located in the middle of these countries, in the 26th square of the global ranking, with an amount of 431,862 million US dollars. On the other hand, France performs better in the economic ranking, as it ranks fourth among the largest countries in the world, with a value of US$2.93 trillion.

There are three main determinants that drive the dynamics of GDP, human capital, to the extent that there is a well-trained workforce and increases in GDP are generated; the second is physical capital, greater investment and infrastructure; and the third is how these are combined. The first two are for productivity,” said David Kobides, director of economic research at Alianza.

However, that being said, these aspects do not determine a soccer team’s performance in the World Cup, so, other than their success on the field, which ones can influence?

According to experts in the field, there are many aspects related to crowning a World Cup winning team. Some of it is the imitation and training of the athletes, the investment the nation makes to the culture of the sport and obviously the deciding factor is the technical ability of the coach.

Therefore, the great conclusion of the LR ranking is that Latin countries do better in the location in terms of the number of cups won, while other countries from Europe, North America or Asia, stand out from the regions where the superpowers come from. Little in matters of leisure, and yes because of its power and economy.

This is no longer evidenced by another ranking made by this publishing house, on the countries with the largest number of crowns. There, Venezuela, the Philippines, and the United States ranked third.

Returning to global issues, Qatar is expected to witness 5,000 million people in the world, which is a high number if we take into account that in Russia there were 3,572 million people.

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