The Cygnus cargo ship will carry the first satellites of Uganda and Zimbabwe to the International Space Station

The Cygnus spacecraft of Northrop Grumman’s 18th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station (ISS), scheduled for launch on day six, will carry small satellites, one from Japan and the first from Uganda and Zimbabwe, as well as several science satellites. investigations.

a) yes, BIRDS-5 found, a constellation of CubeSats made up of PEARLAFRICASAT-1, the first satellite developed by Uganda; ZIMSAT-1, Zimbabwe’s first satellite; and TAKA from Japan.

BIRDS-5 performs multispectral observations of the Earth using a standard commercial camera It illustrates a high power electronic measuring instrument. The statistical data collected can help distinguish bare soils from forests and farmland and may indicate the quality of agricultural growth. This can help improve the lives of the citizens of Uganda and Zimbabwe.

BIRDS provides students from developing countries with hands-on satellite training, laying the groundwork for similar space technology projects in their home countries that could eventually lead to sustainable space programs there.

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