The Dictator’s Mind – El Queretano

The Dictator’s Mind – El Queretano

Talking about the topic is delicate, because the colors of the word dictatorship are unlimited, but also its gray areas. History, past and present, represents an endless list of names ranging from Julius Caesar, Franco, Mussolini, the “ideal dictatorship” to the ones we see today.

The only thing I can say with what little I know is that Mexico does not live, but for a long time under a dictatorship, and Lopez can be considered a dictator for a long time.

Whoever thinks that, no matter how much they want to help, is part of the problem.

However, this does not mean that the person living in the palace aspires to union, to concentrate all power in Mexico in one person and whose will becomes a mandate.

Although this is what we have seen since the inception of this system, this saying only applies to its followers and fans, because more or less than 100 million Mexicans did not vote for Morena, facing the real Mexico, where the economy is a disaster. , Security does not exist, the criminal department that was given to the epidemic, in which 8 colleagues were killed, unfortunately, they will not be the last.

Examples of turmoil suffered by tyrants abound, for example, in Uganda, the terrible dictator Idi Amin, who called himself “the lord of all the beasts of the earth, the fish of the sea and the king of Scotland”, and another example of this is the proclaimed dictator of the Central African Republic, Jean Bidel Bokassa, who crowned Napoleon Bonaparte, or after losing the election, himself legitimate president. In any case.

Today in Lopez’s head there is despair, because nothing is going well for him, all the checks he has issued and continue to issue with his mouth, and citizens refuse them faster, faster and even with commission.

Despite meeting many popcorn in profile, he insisted that AMLO is not (and will not be) Mexico’s dictator. This is to pay for his novel, to feed his ego.

The result is losing touch with reality, getting upset, having little contact with people and making mistakes, but they are increasingly surrounded by unconditional believers who only say yes to their holy will.

And from his holy will, two decisive events will come in the next few days, the opening of the new Felipe Angeles Airport at any cost, where there is no train and no road access land, with 12 daily flights from three airlines, (when in one day Mexico City International Airport (AICM) ) 889, whose construction is filled with shell companies, in short, we will talk about the airport when it begins its operations.

The other will is what we should consider the science of symbolic Exodus towards 2024, which is the abolition of the mandate.

This is where President Lopez wants the public eye to be, where we Mexicans “decide” the president’s fate. Yes of course.

Lopez and his hosts will loosen their electoral machinery because this time the president doesn’t want failures, raccoons, vote dragging and coercion, among other tricks, will work to get information about the shortcomings of their assistance programs and thus, just like PRI, works with everything from Public Administration.

It’s easy for Morena’s fans, followers and customers, because they want Lopez to continue until 2034, and there is no loss.

However, it is the opposition that debates the dilemma of whether or not to get into Lopez’s game, the situations are so opposing that they range from the motto: Nobody votes, nobody quits, let them go when it’s their turn or “you finish and leave”, to the other extreme of Calling for a collective vote to overthrow Dictator Lopez.

The truth is that if you want to go out and vote on April 10, you have to do it because right, if you want to vote to revoke or ratify, you are free to do that, the country is not going to change and Lopez will remain the same we all know today.

Lopez, instead of working, has made an effort to promote his image and this joke which is cancellation, is a way to keep him updated to distract him from important issues and do everything and with everyone he wants, from unfortunate tantrums like a letter to the European Parliament, to dismantling institutions that do not related to it.

So don’t worry, Lopez will continue to make us happy every morning by repeating the 10 phrases he knows, pulling out handkerchiefs, laughing at massacres, harboring criminals and everything we already know he does every day.

These and many other factors must be taken into account when making our decision about what to do with our vote.

Lopez wins, all of them, even he loses.

Meanwhile, the country’s problems continue to fester and the people of Mexico and Lopez, as always, continue to dump the dead.

Live in the mind of the dictator Mexico is not.

From time to time.

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