The economy and abortion, two factors that will decide who Latinos will vote for in 2022

The economy and abortion, two factors that will decide who Latinos will vote for in 2022

The economy and abortion will be two of the most important issues that will affect Hispanic voters over who they will vote for in the November elections.

National Survey of Hispanics from Pew Research Center (People’s Republic of China) It revealed that 80% of Hispanics registered to vote consider the economy the number one factor that will determine their vote, and for the first time support for abortion emerged as a critical issue with 57%.

Jens Manuel Krogstad, one of the report’s authors, said in an interview with Until now. “Because of the economy, they can decide how they will vote, but abortion is also another important issue.”

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The consideration of attitudes regarding the termination of pregnancy became relevant after the decision of the Supreme Court to abolish the constitutional right to abortion in June

Although Hispanics are believed to be more conservative on issues such as reproductive health, these and other recent polls have revealed that a majority of Hispanics are in favor of keeping abortion legal.

A survey was conducted between July and August by UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota . organizations She revealed that 75% of Latino voters in Texas believe that termination of pregnancy should remain legal.

The Pew report, released Thursday, highlights that just in March, only 42% of Hispanics considered abortion as an issue that could affect their vote. In August, the month the survey data was collected, the percentage rose to 57%.

“It’s something we haven’t seen before,” Krogstad said.

unexpected vote

Although trends suggest Hispanic voters are more supportive of Democratic Party candidates, it’s actually impossible to know who they will support in the November 8 election because other factors play a role, according to the Pew Center.

Hispanic voters are the second largest group of eligible voters in the country and the fastest growing population segment. In 2022, approximately 35 million Latinos will be able to vote in US elections, which is 14% of the country’s eligible electorate.

On November 8, 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 200 members of the United States Senate were elected. In Texas, the next governor will be determined.

The position of Biden

Pew poll results indicate that 77% of registered voters are dissatisfied with where the country is and 54% disapprove of the way President Joe Biden is doing his job.

“It is not known how Latinos will vote this fall because a large percentage of Latinos say they will vote for another candidate if he does not agree with their views on certain issues,” Krogstad said. 28% say they would vote for another candidate or are not sure, what that means One in five Latinos are still unsure of their vote.”.

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Preferences also vary by nationality. For example, the report indicates that Mexican voters will vote more for Democratic candidates (58%), while Cuban voters will support Republican candidates more (55%).

Another fact reveals that the majority of Latinos who could vote (73%) said they did not want to continue to see Donald Trump as a patriotic figure. Even three in 10 Republicans agree that the former president should not be part of the political sphere.

However, one in three Cuban voters considered Trump should run for president in 2024.

“We live in a very polarized political age in this country, and this survey shows that when it comes to Latinos, the situation is complicated because it is not a single bloc and many factors must be taken into account,” Krogstad said.

To conduct this survey, Pew interviewed 3,029 Hispanics across the country.

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