Estudio Benites expands in the US to meet the demand of domestic customers abroad | Investments | pandemic | Economie

Estudio Benites expands in the US to meet the demand of domestic customers abroad |  Investments |  pandemic |  Economie

We had a controlled effect, but it affected billing. Today we are witnessing a sustainable recovery, because the studio has already regained its pre-pandemic sales levels and we expect this year to grow by 5% to 8% compared to previous years.“, Indicates.

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He also explains that the political situation in Peru is one of the factors that made some of his clients seek to take their investments abroad. The increase in this kind of demand led the studio to open an office in Florida, United State.

United State It is a country where many of our clients are considering relaying their investments. That’s why we opened an office in Florida to see our clients’ internationalization plans. So that we can accompany them when they need to explore new markets‘, stands out.

local order

On the other hand, Pereira asserts that the fields of work, education and concessions have also registered an increase in demand due to the internal policies of the government and Congress.

The ban on outsourcing had a negative impact, raising operating costs. We accompany companies in their legal actions against al-Qaeda. Also in the case of the Senidu law, grievance cases have been brought before the courts because universities feel they are not protected‘, is the detail.

Many ads have been seen to monitor and remove perks, for example in the case of fees. This is because they claim there are cases of corruption. In these cases it must be resolved by punishing those responsible for the companies, but we note that at the level of the executive branch and the municipality of Lima they seek to dissolve contracts. In this type of conflict, arbitrations also increase‘, he explains.

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The studio currently has 450 clients. “Almost 90% of them are companies. We have maintained their numbers, but their demands are increasing“, He says.

In order to ensure the continuity of the study and resolve the increase in requests, Pereira notes that they have chosen to give more openness to promoting new partners.

Before the pandemic we were 7 partners and in 2021 6 new partners were promoted, Young Lawyers. In 2022 two more were upgraded. Today we are fifteen, and this prepares us for the following years“, finish.

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