The Economy of the United States: Key Dates

The Economy of the United States: Key Dates
United States Congress. Image: BCS here.

US economy up to 2024 With a clear expectation: the final decision of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to cut interest rates.

Although the central bank, led by Jerome Powell, did not provide any evidence about the timing of the expected cut, analysts dare to say that it will happen at the end of the first quarter. That's by saying, Between March and April 2024.

If these expectations come true, the rates that have remained stable since September of this year will not be able to achieve this until then. Range 5.25% – 5.50%. This is the highest number in nearly two decades.

Key dates for the United States economy

When will the Fed meet to talk about interest rates?

The Fed's first meeting will be in 2024 Next January 30 and 31. When Jerome Powell appears, the Fed's forecast for the US economy this year will also be known.

At the press conference, Powell is expected to provide evidence about how long the Fed's restrictive monetary policy will continue. And also whether it is effective in achieving the goal set by the Central Bank: that The inflation rate in the United States is 2%.

These are the Fed's meeting dates for all of 2024:

Federal Reserve Bank Calendar - US Economy
Federal Reserve meeting schedule.

GDP readings to understand the US economy

Other key dates will be when the Commerce Department, through the Bureau of Economic Analysis, delivers US GDP data.

Every quarter, the aforementioned office conducts three readings. In the third part, it also provides data on the behavior of GDP by sector.

Knowing this information will be key for the Fed, because that way it will be able to understand How is the US economy performing? On key issues, such as consumer spending, exports and imports, government spending, and others.

Last Thursday, January 25, the Ministry of Commerce published the first reading for this year.

According to this, the GDP in The United States grew 3.3% in the last quarter of 2023This is much higher than the 2% expected by analysts, but shows a decline compared to the immediately preceding period, when it was 4.9%.

The real GDP in 2023 achieved a growth of 2.5% compared to 1.9% in 2022, thus overcoming the risks of recession.

Key dates to know the behavior of the US economy are:

GDP of the United States
GDP reading dates.

And inflation

All roads lead to inflation, according to data published by the US Department of Labor. The Fed's greatest effort, as mentioned, is to push inflation to 2%, without causing a recession in the US economy.

According to the aforementioned office, annual inflation in the United States reached 3.4% for 12 months from 2023. This is a higher figure than the previous figure of 3.1%.

To know whether the goal will be achieved or not, the dates are:

US inflation economy
Dates when the US CPI will be known, month by month.

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