The economy south of San Diego was bankrupt: Rafael Fernandez de Castro | even things


Christmas has arrived for border residents, the economy has gone bankrupt south of San Diego, 19 months after the border was closed, said Rafael Fernandez de Castro, director of the Center for Mexico and the United States Studies at the University of California.

No waiters, gardeners in San Diego, the long-awaited reopening will bring back good mechanics, babysitters and seniors, the complicated matter will be what the logistics will be, says the “So Things” specialist with Gabriela Warkentin and Javier Risco.

The queues in San Isidro are long, more than 100,000 people enter from north to south every day, how are they going to review?

According to their sources, they indicate that the review will be at their discretion. “They will ask, Do you have the vaccination? Orally, you will say yes, and if they send you for a secondary examination, you will have to show your vaccination.”

It’s a valid boundary, and if your sheets are ready, it’s very soft, he says.

People are heavily vaccinated on both sides of the border, and there has been a nice exercise on both sides to vaccinate the assembly workers, about 27 thousand, very helpful offers on the border for a much-desired opening.

In Canada’s case, he notes, the August opening put pressure on the United States.

He said that in the case of raids, these raids take place at home and not at the border, but Biden said he shakes hands with immigrants and polluters will take their feet, so Mexico’s residency program will be more intense, as immigration has created an internal crisis for democratic administration.

There is no clarity on who can pass, of the 15,000 Haitians who passed, 11,000 remain, “Yes people sneak Biden,” he points out, they have a good heart, but not as good a compass as he was for him. Heavy criticism, points out the international.

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