The European Union proposed to the United States a six-month freeze on tariffs


The European Union Suggest a side-by-side comment United State Of billions of dollars in import tariffs for a period of six months, the head of trade in the bloc, Valdes Dombrowskis, told the German daily on Saturday. woman.

That would override the four-month suspension agreed last month and send a signal Brussels Seeking a compromise in a 16-year dispute over aviation support.

“We suggested suspending all reciprocal tariffs for a period of six months in order to reach a negotiated solution,” Dombrovskis told the magazine.

“This will provide a necessary respite for industries and workers on both sides of the Atlantic,” he added.

In March, the two sides agreed to a four-month suspension of all US tariffs on imports from European Union In exchange for $ 7.5 billion and $ 4 billion in societal privileges on US property, resulting from the cases brought before WTO For subsidies granted to aircraft manufacturers Airbus s Boeing.

Dombrowskis also said that an European Union Closely monitor the President’s “Buy American Goods” laws Joe Biden, Which base those public contracts in United State It will be awarded exclusively to companies located in that country.

“Our goal is to push procurement markets to be open as much as possible around the world,” he said. woman.


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