The first day of the US government’s economic mission concluded with the intention of investing


Lina Vargas Vega – [email protected]

The first day of the economic mission of the US government and private sector concluded with a clear interest from businessmen and bankers to invest in Colombia, in sectors such as housing, infrastructure, tourism and agriculture.

New York was the meeting place for investors, led by the Vice President and Chancellor, Marta Lucia Ramirez, and Finance Minister Jose Manuel Restrepo.

The ceremony was also attended by Presidential Adviser for Women’s Equity, Gidi Gallo. Director General of Public Credit and National Treasury, Cesar Arias; presidential advisor Emilio Posada; ProColombia President, Flavia Santoro; and representatives of the national private sector.

It was a series of very important meetings with the investment bankers. What we found is great interest and a great appetite to invest in our country. They have a great knowledge of the opportunities that Colombia has in various sectors. “We have shown that the private sector and government are working as one entity to restore our country economically and create jobs,” said the vice president and advisor.

Among the investors he met was Vice President Jameson Koum of HSBC. Alan Tanmbaum, from BMO Capital Markets; Thomas Smith from Metlife; Laurent Massart from Infoca. and Nigel Ng, Pablo Goldberg, Silvio Zanardini and Karen Leighton of BlackRock.

“We’ve come to show that this 6% growth forecast is possible this year, because what President Ivan Duque is most concerned about, at the moment, is creating jobs, providing stability for families, restoring incomes, and lifting Colombians out of poverty,” he said.

For his part, Finance Minister José Manuel Restrepo emphasized that “Colombia is a country with tremendous institutional strength. It is not only the oldest democracy, but also the most solid in which the private sector works side by side with the public sector, around our purposes for growth, to generate employment, to meet The needs of the most vulnerable, as well as the challenge of social, to serve the many who have been affected by the impact of the pandemic.”

ProColombia President Flavia Santoro said: “Led by the Chancellor, Vice President, Minister of Finance, Presidential Adviser and accompanying businessmen, what we have been able to show is continued business in Colombia. We prove to a country with sustainable investments, that it has sustainable products, goods and services and that tourism is ready to return with all its might Biosecurity.

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