The first transcatheter mitral valve repair treatment is performed at Damas Hospital


The procedure seeks better results with minimal invasiveness to the body being operated on.

Physician, Alejandro Lopez Mas, interventional cardiologist, Dr. Ernesto Soltero, cardiac surgeon, and Helder Hernandez, electrophysiologist.

Mitraclip is the first treatment Transcatheter mitral valve repair was performed as a minimally invasive procedure for the first time in Damas Hospital On December 28.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez Mas, Interventional Cardiologist, performed the procedure Action Doctors Ernesto Soltero, heart surgeon, and Helder Hernandez, electrophysiologist, attended during Action.

As explained by the doctors in charge of the surgery, this process provides Treatment option for patients With severe regurgitation even with optimal medical treatment they show symptoms such as heart failure and are not candidates for heart surgery due to various reasons such as age or the functional ability of their heart.

equipment before performing the procedure. Photo: Damas Hospital.
Close up during surgery. Photo: Damas Hospital.
experts during surgery. Photo: Damas Hospital.

Recommendations after Action

the Repair and Replacement Surgery Mitral valve surgery can help reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life, according to the Mayo Clinic, which suggests that patients attend regular checkups with their doctor to make sure the new or repaired valve is working properly.

In addition to taking anticoagulants, your doctor may also recommend cardiac rehabilitation, a Education and exercise program Designed to help you improve health and aid recovery after heart surgery.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important for a healthy heart before and after mitral valve surgery. A healthy lifestyle includes:

No smoking

Exercise regularly

Follow a healthy diet

stress control

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