“The future of medicine runs through artificial intelligence and big data”

According to Miguel Camacho, CEO of Atalaya Technologies «The future of medicine passes through artificial intelligence and big dataBecause? What is the relationship of these technologies to the health sector? What advantages do they have? Big data and artificial intelligence In the health sector? How can big data and artificial intelligence help in the future?

In the health sector there are many heterogeneous data sources that provide a great deal of information regarding patients, diseases and health centers. This information, if properly analyzed, is very useful for health professionals, but why?

Why is big data important?

The unification of big data and artificial intelligence in the field of health is the future, as it allows inferring a layer of intelligence, which The application is especially important Predictive models that help anticipate health needs and provide more efficient and personalized medical care.

List of applications and benefits about using artificial intelligence and big data It’s endless in medicine, and as a reflection of that, big data, artificial intelligence and health analysts are becoming the most sought-after professionals at the moment.

health field

Artificial intelligence and big data are occupying an increasingly important position in the health field, which is why there is a need for those professionals who are able to acquire, process and interpret information in order to generate decision-assisting intelligence, discreetly and continuously. over time. For this very reason, International Big Data CampusThe company’s subsidiary, ENIIT, has created a master’s degree in health big data to train future professionals.

sure, Artificial intelligence and big data In the field of health, it will offer better decision-making solutions based on real data, as well-analyzed information will provide a better health service to patients, as well as contribute to the progress of our society.

The medicine of the future needs professionals who are able to generate value from it Data and Masters in Big Health Data, A degree from the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) is the answer.

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