The G7 Summit: Where did the presidents leave the tie?

No, you have to adapt to the protocol. Official, ecclesiastical and royal protocol are very strict, and they must be followed and respected, because if I represent a nation, I do not represent myself, but an entire people, then I must be guided by rules, good morals, that is – she. During this meeting, this is what the president stipulated, they claimed heat, but he was not in Uganda. The image is enormous because for those of us who have this responsibility, the tie indicates respect when you represent someone. Now, if you’re Juan Perez and you go to a wedding without a tie, it’s up to you, no problem. For example, here in Tucum├ín, the use of a chin strap is still mandatory, in other provinces, it is not. In action in the White Room, Juan entered perspective without a chin strap. Someone said it’s not mandatory. Here it is mandatory. Now, for every official business that is in the white room, I can’t be a babysitter, telling the officials all the time to put on their masks, I’m going to say it through the microphone. I have to apply the rules. People have to learn, otherwise we won’t get out of this very well. You can’t work out protocol and walk in tights.

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