The government appointed Gabriela Martinek as ambassador to Uganda

The government appointed Gabriela Martinek as ambassador to Uganda

August 22, 2023 – 07:41

Pursuant to Decree No. 425 of 2023 published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday, Martinique was appointed head of the diplomatic headquarters in Uganda. He was already head of the Argentine embassy in Kenya.

The national government appointed, through Official bulletinto the current ambassador in Kenya Gabriela Martiniqueto hold the same position in Uganda. The decision was previously announced Decree No. 425/2023 This is Tuesday, August 22nd.

The standard stipulates this Martinique He will assume his new position in Uganda “without prejudice to his current duties,” according to what was published today Official bulletin. Decree No. 425 of 2023 signed by the President of the Republic Alberto Fernandez, along with Chief of Staff Augustin Rossi and Counselor Santiago Cafiero.

Foreign Affairs: New appointments at the Argentine Embassy in Uganda

“Mrs Minister Plenipotentiary First Class Gabriela Martinique (DNI No. 20206218) has been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Republic Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Diuganda, without prejudice to her current duties as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic to the Republic of Kenya.”expresses the writing published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

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In the second article, it is detailed that “expenditures required to comply with this decree will be charged to the relevant budget items of jurisdiction No. 35 – Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship,” the text of the rule explains.

In 2021, Gabriela Martinique She was transferred to Kenya after the issuance of Decree No. 841/21, which required her appointment in that country.

On the other hand, across Decree No. 424/2023Colonel was appointed today “for a period of 760 days.” Carlos Javier Chanique as Defense, Military, Naval and Aviation Attaché in Ecuador.

“It matters The state and the armed forces Maintaining offices of military attachés abroad, in order to strengthen relations of cooperation and friendship between the armed forces in the region concerned,” the official text notes.

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