What did Kevin's parents do and why were they so rich? These are the theories that economists in the United States say

What did Kevin's parents do and why were they so rich?  These are the theories that economists in the United States say

My poor angel 1 tells this Kate and Peter McAllisterplayed by American actors Catherine O'Hara and John Heard, had a beautiful, giant house that two criminals tried to rob, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern), but their son Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) dresses up as a hero and fends off the robbery with “torture” methods that still elicit laughter from children and adults at Christmas time.

But why did the Macalister house seem so ostentatious? Were they really millionaires? These doubts have been answered before Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for The New York Times.

Based on where the house was located, economists confirm this at the time Only 1% of Chicagoans can afford a home like this.. To do this, they had to make comparisons between the income of families in the Chicago metropolitan area in 1990 with their income in 2022, the assumed value of the homes, the mortgage rates in effect at the time, and typical taxes and insurance.

And in the first part of the saga, the thieves Harry and Marv, despite the fact that the neighborhood had more houses around them, the house that caught their attention was the McCallister family home. This house is actually located at number 671 Lincoln Avenue, in the suburb of Winnetka, Chicago, is one of the most exclusive and expensive streets in the entire United States.

Juicy goal for the “thieves”

The criminals comment at the beginning of this film that inside the house there are “valuables” such as audio equipment and video recorders. (new in early 90's)and expensive jewelry and “negotiable securities that rarely exist.”

Kevin lived in this house with his four brothers and there was still plenty of room for his cousins ​​and uncles to stay before traveling to Paris, France, where they would spend the Christmas holiday, but they forgot our little hero on the roof of the house. the home His mother, Kate, took him as punishment for arguing with his other relatives during dinner.

Kevin's father worked

In some parts of the house you can see Modelswhich brings up the story that Kate was Highly sought after fashion designerWhile her husband An important businessman, according to Todd Strasser, author of the official Home Alone novels and two of its sequels.

“Assuming the McCallister family They did not spend more than 30% of their income In housing, economists have also determined that a home will be affordable for a family with the same income $305,000 in 1990“, says the New York Times.

Although filming inside the house took place on location set up in a school building, the McCallister house exists in real life. (Free press photo: Newspaper Library)

If we convert, it will be about $665,000 todaythat is, more than Q5 million. In the middle of last year, a similar house would have cost approx $2.4 million, which is approximately $19 million.

Therefore, this housing will currently be affordable for everyone For a family with an income of $730,000,no more and no less around it Q5.7 million. It's a cost that only 1% of families in the Chicago area can afford, according to economists consulted by The New York Times.

Advice for fans

Eve Cooleywho was responsible for decorating the sets of Home Alone in its first two installments, told the New York Times that although the house was not decorated with expensive furniture, it had intentionally “Luxurious and luxurious”.

However, Cawley urges fans of the popular Christmas film series not to focus on the potential cost of the house and other theories about what Kevin's parents did for a living: “For me, with all due respect, Fans should just enjoy the movie (…) Hughes and director Chris Columbus created this animated and comedy film as entertainment for the audience, To lift your spirits during the holidaysHe confirmed.

Home Alone 1 and 2 are some of the most classic and favorite movies for Christmas fans. (Free press photo: screenshot)

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