The grandmother accused her relatives of having dinner with her at Christmas

  • Christmas can be one of the happiest times of the year for many families, but also one of the most precious.

  • Global inflation will also affect Christmas shopping this year.

  • In 2022, many families around the world expect to spend up to 156 percent of their monthly income on holidays.

Social networks have become the best communication tool for many people, going beyond the most bizarre stories. This is the case of a grandmother who went viral after she announced that she had accused her relatives of having dinner with her at Christmas.

There is no doubt that Christmas is the most awaited time of the year for everyone, especially the young ones, but in this month families increase their expenses. In this sense, global inflation will also affect purchases, so according to WorldRemit Christmas 2022 Cost of Living StudyMany families around the world expect to spend up to 156 percent of their monthly income this holiday season, due to rising inflation.

Along those lines, among the 23 countries surveyed in 2022, developing economies like the Philippines, Uganda and Nigeria are likely to spend more than 100 percent of their monthly income during Christmas. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, Christmas will cost 65 percent more than in 2021.


A story widely reported in the United Kingdom as bizarre as it was was that a woman charged 30 euros (about 600 Mexican pesos) from each family member for being with her at Christmas Eve dinner.

This is Caroline Doddridge, a 63-year-old woman, who was widowed in 2015 and since then has paid everything on these dates, according to her statements, her relatives have done nothing to take part.

That is why, by the year 2022, she has asked each one to be with her for Christmas dinner, because before that she had to spend a lot, according to what the grandmother revealed to the BBC.

According to the woman, the fees she charges also depend on her age and relationship, and she had to pay by bank transfer.

It was learned that for their five children, the cost was 30 euros (about 600 Mexican pesos), while for the three daughters it was 10 euros (200 pesos each).

For their part, grandchildren over five years of age have to pay 5 euros (100 pesos), while younger grandchildren pay between 2 and 5 euros (about 40 pesos).

“There are some who think I’m a little stingy, but my friends think it’s a good idea,” said the grandmother.

The money must have fallen into his bank account since December 1, otherwise everything could have changed and it wouldn’t have been Christmas.

The woman said: “If you don’t pay before, you won’t come.”

And so, again, social networks have become that space where finding these stories is common, because now people can share their daily lives with the whole world.

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