The group of 60 teams is preparing for the second round, heading to the Basketball World Cup

The group of 60 teams is preparing for the second round, heading to the Basketball World Cup

with win Spain on me Ukraine On Thursday, the first round of qualifying for Basketball World Cup 2023 came to an end and 60 countries whose teams qualified for the second stage.

After three windows, 12 teams from Africa, 12 from the Americas, 12 from Asia and 24 from Europe will start the second stage of the qualifiers in August, which consists of three additional windows.

The new windows, called the 4th, 5th, and 6th, will take place around the world between August 24 and 29; between November 10 and 14; Between 23 and 27 February 2023.

According to FIBA, out of 60, only Canada, Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Australia and New Zealand have been defeated.

Since the results of the first round have been moved to the second, new groups, locations and even team schedules have been fixed.

Only 32 of the following countries will receive an entry ticket to the 2023 World Cup.


In Group E of Africa, teams from Ivory Coast (4-0), green head (3-1), Angola (2-2), Nigeria (2-2), Uganda (1-3) and Guinea (0-4). In this group, matches against the worst-ranked team in the previous round did not even count out of the standings.

In group F, they will fight South Sudan (6-0), Egypt (5-1), Tunisia (4-2), Democratic Republic of the Congo (4-2), Senegal (3-3) and Cameroon (1-5).

The top two teams in each group and the best third place, five in total, will qualify for the World Cup for Africa.


In the fifth group of Asia are New Zealand (4-0), Lebanon (3-1), Jordan (2-2), philippines (2-2), Kingdom Saudi Arabia (1-3) and India (0-4). The result was also eliminated against the worst team from the previous round.

They will play in Asia Group F Australia (6-0), Kazakhstan (5-1), China (4-2), Iran (4-2), Japan (2-4) and the two seas (2-4).

Eight teams from Asia and these groups will get an entry ticket to the World Cup: the first three teams to reach each team and the two host countries of the event, Japan s philippines. Indonesia, the host must also reach the quarter-finals in another event to earn a place. If successful, the first and second placers from each group and the third best place (five places) will qualify.


The competition is extensive in Europe as four new groups of six teams have been formed from the first round.

I was in the group Greece (3-1), Latvia (3-1), turkey (2-2), Belgium (2-2), Serbian (1-3) and Britain (1-3). Scores against the worst team from the previous round are omitted.

In group J, they are assimilated Germany (5-1), Finland (5-1), Slovenia (4-2), Israel (3-3), Sweden (2-4) and Estonia (2-4).

In the K group. France (5-1), Lithuania (5-1), the black Mountain (4-2), Czech Republic (3-3), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3-3) and Hungary (3-3).

And in the L group they are Italia (3-1), Iceland (3-1), Spain (3-1), Georgia (2-2), Ukraine (1-3) and Dutch (0-4)

The top three teams from Groups 1, J, K and L qualify for the World Cup, with a total of 12 spaces.


And America, as we know, Brazil (5-1), United State (5-1), Uruguay (4-2), Mexico (4-2) Puerto Rico (3-3) and Colombia (2-4) settled in group E.

In the American F group they entered Canada (6-0), Venezuela (5-1), Argentina (5-1), dominican republic (4-2), Panama (2-4) s Bahamas (2-4).

In America, the top three from each group, as well as the country with the fourth-best record, will qualify for a total of seven teams.

So five teams from Africa, eight from Asia, 12 from Europe and seven from America will compete for the World Championship.

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