The Guatemalan character was left as a hero in an episode of the New Amsterdam series

The Guatemalan character was left as a hero in an episode of the New Amsterdam series

a second Guatemala which is part of a American medical series! This time it is New Amsterdam episodewhere The Guatemalan character was left as a hero of the plot.

We tell you the details of the chapter that you can see on the platform flow Netflix. this is good!

The medical series New Amsterdam included a Guatemalan character in an episode

New Amsterdam It is a series of Doctors produced by the prestigious television network NBCWhere the plot revolves around Max Goodwin Translated by Ryan Eggold – the new director of one of the oldest hospitals in New York who can change many things in the organization.

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Thus, in its first season, it included 22 episodes, among which episode 7 domino effect Where do they highlight? Diego, which is a personality Originally from Guatemala And he lives with his daughter in the United States.

However, the Guatemalan arrives in an emergency because his daughter Gianna has breathing problems and each time suffers from complications. Suddenly, during the plot, it is possible to diagnose that the little girl needs an emergency lung transplant.

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But the funny thing about the episode is that in the hospital they develop domino surgery, many people need to donate organs but one donor withdrew and this makes it impossible for everyone to receive medical care, until Diego shows up

A Guatemalan is suggested to find a lung donor for his daughter, at the same time he becomes a liver donor. This is how they get 12 donors but Gianna has complications in her heart and the surgery is again incomplete because they say they cannot remove a piece of Diego’s liver without receiving a transplant from his young daughter.

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But this is where Diego showed his willingness to help and told the doctors that he wanted to donate a liver even if his daughter didn’t donate a lung and they did a domino surgery where the Guatemalan saved 6 lives and woke up from anesthesia. .. realizes that his daughter was finally able to settle down and get the transplant.

American medical series included Guatemala

New Amsterdam Guatemala reported | Guatemala was a stage in The Good Doctor

Without a doubt a sentimental plot, you have to see it! Did you already know that at we have a Telegram channel? Join this invitation link.

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