Pixar will finally return to theaters in March 2022 with its next movie, Turning Red


Luca, the new Pixar movie, has just been released, but don’t look for it in your nearest cinema because you won’t find it. Enrico Casarosa’s movie suffered the same fate as “Soul” and was released exclusively on Disney+, yes, at no extra cost. With her there are two films from the prestigious animation studio that we have left without seeing them on the big screen due to the epidemic. The last Pixar movie we saw in theaters was “Onward,” which was released a few days before the shutdown began.

Fortunately, this losing streak appears to be coming to an end. As mentioned from the insideAnd the Pixar is confident the studio’s next movie will hit theaters. “The studio hopes we’ll get back to normal with Turning Red.” Secures source from Pixar. This means that if there are no changes to the road (Disney has not confirmed this information), on March 11, 2022, we have an appointment with those in Gooseneck on the big screen.

That day marked its premiere of “Turning Red,” the first film by Domi Shi, director of the Academy Award-winning short film “Bao.”, also on Pixar. The film, which had already made the first picture, is starring A 13-year-old girl turns into a red panda every time she gets too excitedwithout being able to avoid it. A starting point that already seems funny enough which, in addition, will lead the study to talk about pre-adolescence as only they know it. In addition, it is the first Pixar film directed by a female solo. “Brave (Indomitable)” had already had Brenda Chapman as director, but they put Mark Andrews in the lead, in a move that Chapman considered “severe” Because the idea for the movie was his.

Since the decision was made to only release “Soul” on broadcast, several rumors have surfaced that this change was particularly bad among studio staff., including Pete Docter himself, chief creative officer of Pixar and director of Soul. The official version is always that it’s a shame but the first thing is the safety of the public. But “Raya and the Last Dragon,” still being released amid a pandemic and with many movie theaters closed in the United States, has hit theaters at the same time as Disney+ (pay more). Why is Disney Animation showing in theaters while Pixar isn’t? Why not give the option to the public? Fortunately, it looks like these questions will soon be over with the next Pixar release.

And then … to infinity, and beyond!

Next year we will have a double date with Pixar because in June they will premiere Lightyear, the film that will show us the story of Buzz Lightyear, the character who gave rise to the famous game from Toy Story. Co-Director of “Finding Dory” will be directed by Angus MacLean, and Chris Evans will lend his voice to the space seeker.

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