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As a film photographer, Manolo Pavon has traveled the world to shoot with Pedro Almodovar, Rodrigo Soroguín and many other directors. Here he tells us about his trip to Uganda to take a still picture for the feature film Sarah’s notebook (2018), directed by Norberto Lopez Amado.

Traveled for 1 month in January. What do you remember about the weather?

Heat, heat, heat. Upon our arrival at Kampala Airport, the capital of Uganda, we were greeted by this characteristic moist heat.

What impression did Kampala make on you?

It was the least interesting thing about the trip, but I have strange memories, like tasting worms and grasshoppers at a stall on the street. They were served in small matchstick boxes, but larger, and there were insects that looked like tubes.

The city has its charm.

Yes, and a lot of traffic and neat transportation like this wedding parties They are very cheap motorcycle taxis. I also highlight the visit of the National Mosque in Uganda. The country’s history museum is small but contains musical instruments, traditional objects and a reconstruction of the typical huts we saw later in the more rural area of ​​Gaba.

Was GABA more special to you?

Yes, we are working there for a few days. To go to the city we were filming in, we had to cross Lake Victoria. I still remember the amazing light of those sunrises.

Summarize the landscape of the area.

It was the forest. And there were red, very dusty areas: there were huts.

Did the locals welcome you?

Being with them was the best. They were used to filming, so they weren’t very impressed. He was part of the team from there, too. What piqued my curiosity was that there were always children around.

Have you had time for long walks?

We went to Jinja, in the southeast of the country. In theory it is an area source of the Nile Although it is not clear that this is the case. Anyway, the river we saw was the Nile, no doubt about that.

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