The Mexican economy improved in March but remains on a tightrope: IMEF – El Financiero

The Mexican economy improved in March but remains on a tightrope: IMEF – El Financiero

Indicators for the industrial and non-manufacturing sectors indicate a sign of improvement in the Mexican Economy Jessica Roldan, Vice President of the Republic of Ukraine, said that during March 2022, there is still a risk due to the armed conflict in Ukraine, the development of inflation and uncertainty about the policies that the government will implement. Mexican Institute of Financial Managers (IMEF).

“The latest data from the IMEF manufacturing and non-manufacturing index indicates that there is an indication that the Mexican economy is improving and the important thing is that this growth is generalised,” the expert added.

The IMEF Manufacturing Index March recorded a recovery of 1.2 points compared to February 2022, which amounted to 52.3 units, already accumulating two months in the expansion area (the 50 largest), after dropping below this limit in January.

For his part, the IMEF Non-Manufacturing Index It rose 1.7 points to settle at 52.8 units, again above the 50-unit threshold.

Among the most important Risks Most notably IMEF experts, is The confrontation between Russia and UkraineAnd the This exacerbates the rise in the prices of raw materials, oils, grains and services.

Institute experts agreed that the Mexican economy was benefiting from The economic development of the United StatesThat boosted national industrial production and its fiscal policies support activity. Another important part, they added, is the tourism sector, which has improved after the recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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