The National Institute of Statistics announces the location of the funds to cancel the mandate

The National Institute of Statistics announces the location of the funds to cancel the mandate

As of Saturday, it is already possible to know the location of 57 thousand 516 boxes that will be installed next April 10 to participate in the Query about cancellation of authorization.

The official “Locate your Casilla” platform or platform advanced its operations on March 26, although it was originally scheduled for Monday 28.

The decision came amid accusations from Morena’s party and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who noted that the institute was “hiding” information.

in the page Citizens can refer to the receiving table address that corresponds to them. It is only necessary to provide the voter’s credentials and enter the required information on the platform, such as the state in which the voter resides and the electoral department.

Once the data is entered, the platform will display the exact address of the box next to the map.

300 special voting booths will also be installed where trans people, who cannot go to the corresponding voting reception center, can participate.

On March 24, at the Presidency of the General Executive Council, Lorenzo Cordova said that the operation of the system was planned to operate 13 days before the day the mandate was revoked, but now it will operate 15 days in advance and not only with 6 days as it was in the 2021 elections.

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Cordova said that one of the primary tasks of this institute is to combat disinformation and “today one of the axes of disqualification for this process, which is organized by citizens, is to point out that the National Institute of Statistics hides the location of the boxes, which is a complete fallacy.”

A few days ago, Lopez Obrador accused the National Electoral Institute of conspiring against democracy and called on residents to request a hotel or arrive a day before the consultations to revoke the mandate.

The president confirmed that the National Electoral Institute limits the installation of voting booths and does not disclose where they are installed, although he said he had received complaints that they would be placed only in Nuevo Leon where the middle and upper class lived, but not in poor municipalities.

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