The most visited game reserve in the African country

The most visited game reserve in the African country

In Uganda, between the mountain gorilla sanctuary, in Bwindi National Park, and the fauna of Morchinson Falls National Park, another protected space opens Named after Queen Elizabeth II.

This nature reserve was established as a national park in 1952. It was then called Kazinga and included the Lake Edward and Lake George reserve. after two years, Queen Elizabeth II of England went to the African country To commemorate her visit, it was decided to change the name to that of the British monarch.

It is, by far, the most visited national park in the country, and has become in recent years Around the tourist destination. This landscape is home to a large amount of animals of great value. It is a refuge for nearly a hundred mammals and more than 600 birds.

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Lakes, tropical forests, lagoons and wetlands form a very special ecosystem, plus it joins the landscape from which you can see Explosion effects Through cones and volcanic craters.

His story goes further. The area was depopulated when the country was going through the so-called epidemic sleeping sickness. As the areas around Lake George and Edward became completely deserted, it became a game reserve between 1920 and 1940.

Soon, these spaces were assembled and The park is officially created which was later renamed after the British monarch. However, this name was not without controversy in the country, because in the seventies the name of the king was withdrawn.

Keep in mind that in October 1962, Uganda gained independence from the United Kingdom An eight-year military dictatorship began under Idi Amin. This decision was symbolic, as it was part of his decolonization policy. He renamed – again – the park under the name Rwenzori. The park was not named after the British monarch again until 1991.

animal gatherings I was very impressed During Idi Amin’s tenure and the years following his overthrow. However, after it fell, the protection of the natural area was improved. Especially during the 1990s and 2000s.

since then, The king only visited the country once. He was in 2007 to participate in the XX Commonwealth Summit, a meeting of well-known heads of government UK Parliament It is held in a different Member State every two years.

On that visit, the Queen also met with Yoweri Museveni, a Ugandan politician and writer who became President of Uganda in 1986After the overthrow of former President Milton Obote and the military, Tito Okello.

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