He told the “reality” of living in the United States and dispelled the illusions of many: “Get away from the clouds”

He told the “reality” of living in the United States and dispelled the illusions of many: “Get away from the clouds”

The American Dream is the wish of many people who want to change their quality of life. Starting from scratch in another country is always complicated and tiktoker wants to give his opinion by saying What is the reality for him when immigrating to the United States. He determined that most foreigners have a wrong idea of ​​what it means to go to work or live in the United States, and he raised an immediate alarm among those who saw him.

It was through his account @Raphael who – which Rafael Morales recorded all the beliefs that some people haveEspecially those that generate a lot of money by working a few hours a day. “As a newcomer, things are not easy at all and of course it can become a real nightmare for you,” he said in a sentence that caused all kinds of opinions.

He emphasized that some people think that going to the United States is like living in glory. according to your clip, There are those who assume they will earn a lot of dollars, to those who think they will have a partner of North American descent. To give them citizenship easily. “The idea of ​​getting an apartment for newcomers in the United States, get away from the cloud,” the content creator declared and emphasized that an immigrant could only aspire to live in a shared apartment with other foreigners.

This is life in the United States, says Tiktoker

Rafael wanted the dreamers to return from their fantasies to the supposed reality: “I’ll get a gringa to give me the papers… No, that’s It’s not that easy because you don’t speak English‘, detailed to confirm later that life in that nation is not easy.

Although he later admitted that there was only one way to make a fortune working there: shifts with many overtime hours and a Monday-to-Monday schedule, with no rest.

Not everyone liked Rafael’s words. Some corrected it and spoke from their own experience, considering that each case is different. “Hey brother, it depends on how everyone movesHow does he develop and how far does his desire to succeed go. Everyone has his luck “,” Who said that if you reach you have everything? The one who just arrived is the same everywhere, paying for the new one,” were the opinions he received.

Living in the US is the dream of many and this tiktoker wanted to warn you about some details

On the other hand, there were people within the audience They hinted that he was exaggerating the situationbecause whenever someone moved he had to start from the bottom: “Friend, everywhere the beginning is difficult and you are supposed to go to work”, “I think everyone who leaves goes to work and that’s what the mind carries.”

finally, Some also gave him the reason: “You work a lot, my friend, and it is very expensive in the USA”, “Most people leave also because the children dream of being there because of the movies we watched”, “I have a family there for 30 years and they don’t even have a house of their own, life is hard There,” they judged.

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