The Mott Foundation launches a distributed renewable energy initiative in Uganda

The Mott Foundation launches a distributed renewable energy initiative in Uganda

The Mott Foundation has announced the upcoming launch of a $3 million initiative called DREEM (Distributed Renewable Energy Ecosystem Model) for ecosystem builders within Uganda’s AgriSolar economy. The Foundation aims to harness solar energy for productive purposes in the agricultural sector in Uganda. The DREEM Center will address critical energy access challenges such as low technical expertise, lack of local entrepreneurs, limited financial services, poor coordination, and impact on community livelihoods resulting from energy access initiatives.

Arthur Mukimbo, Head of Future Lab Studios, said DREEM is part of efforts to create an enabling environment for solar innovators to thrive and contribute significantly to the future of sustainable energy and agriculture in Uganda. He also emphasized that addressing financial hurdles would promote innovation and adoption of solar technologies in key agricultural value chains and related sectors.

According to the 2013 Renewable Energy Policy, Uganda has notable renewable energy potential, including 200 MW of solar electricity, 1,650 MW of biomass, 800 MW of peat, 2,200 MW of hydroelectric power plants, and 400 MW of geothermal power. With more than two-thirds of Ugandans relying on agriculture for their livelihood, supporting solar irrigation is crucial to the country’s sustainable development.

– Robert Damulera, Advancing Climate Change Solutions (ACCS) Program Officer at Mott Foundation
– Arthur Mukimbo, President of Future Lab Studios
– Renewable Energy Policy 2013

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