Volunteering in Uganda: Elena and Luigi’s experience alla “Sittimana del Dono”

Volunteering in Uganda: Elena and Luigi’s experience alla “Sittimana del Dono”

“There are many things, and there is also the possibility of living in peace with others.” Infrequent metaphor Vincenzo Tapalioprofessor at the Agronomia dell’università Cattolica di Piacenza, while presenting the interior of his book “Il dono della Pace: progettare la convivenza”, from the gli glitimi della “Settimana del dono” organized by the Athenaeum of the City.
“What do agriculture and economics have to do with peace and coexistence? – esordisce Tabaglio davanti a Vasta Platea di Studentsi – Much thought is given to the capacity of agriculture and the pastoral care of community members.

There are a lot of promotions being offered for this purpose which is fooling you Luigi Ruggiero Mr. Dr Elena Capasso That during the mandate we had a volunteer experience in Uganda and for Alito’s precision, Dove Africa Mission Cooperazione e Sviluppo runs an agribusiness school and fattoria. “We don’t have a new service spirit, but the missionary in Uganda has allowed us to improve our volunteer spirit with that life story – like Kabaso’s – and it represents an opportunity for a professional and humanitarian level.”

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