The National Academy of Medicine has demanded that the number of vaccines that will reach the country via Covax be announced

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The National Academy of Medicine demanded a release On August 2, it will be announced how many vaccines will be sent through the Covax mechanism, and the exact date when they will arrive in the country.

“The date of the arrival of this batch of vaccines has not been set, between July and September, knowing that the month of July has already ended and the possibility of receiving part of the batch requested by the Venezuelan state has not been announced, as stated in the news the number of vaccines that will be received; The information should be kept in the MPPS and should be known to the population for greater peace of mind and that would generate trust.”

The agency insisted that access to vaccines must be approved by the World Health Organization and not vaccine prototypes.

“The National Academy of Medicine insists on acquiring vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and not on vaccine prototypes. We are still ready to cooperate in completing the vaccination plan of the Ministry of Health,” the text reads.

Nicolas Maduro said during a speech on Sunday that in the next few days, vaccines from the Kovacs mechanism will begin to reach the country for 6.2 million people.

“They have already set a timetable, and in the next few days the planes carrying the Kovacs system vaccines will start arriving, boosting the entire vaccination system with Chinese and Russian vaccines,” he said.

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