The Netflix series that broke records for audiences in the United States according to Nielsen


Nielsen released the official numbers for the platform and the hit title took all the eyes of viewers of the week counted.

The record-breaking Netflix series for audiences in the US according to Nielsen.
© NetflixThe record-breaking Netflix series for audiences in the US according to Nielsen.

audience scale Nielsen Responsible for publishing weekly data from the US about TV viewers in general and streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Hulu TV, Apple TV +. Since these platforms don’t usually show the real numbers, this trusted source is out there for the public, but it takes time to confirm the data which is why it arrived about a month late.

The previous report showed that angry Stealing money It did not have as much of an impact on American soil as it did in other countries, especially Spanish-speaking countries. Contents like Lost in Space, Cocomelo, NCIS, Criminal Minds s Seinfeld It got more audience than Spanish fiction, but this time Another series arrived that left no room for doubt and was at the top of the rankings.

+ Netflix series that breaks records in the United States

According to the latest update of NielsenAnd The Netflix title that became the most watched in the US between the week of December 13-19 was the magician, with 2.191 million minutes played. The adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels took more than two years to return with its second season to its massive broadcast catalog, with the coronavirus pandemic being its main competitor in the midst of its production.

The harassment in the middle of his filming has only led to more enthusiasm and anticipation in fans, so the results are clear and more obvious than that. The show starring Henry Cavill was a hit in the North American region. In the same way, The phenomenon reached another level by being the most-chosen series by subscribers around the world within days of its release They are now looking forward to its third season.

cocumillon It came in second place by watching 840 million minutes, and it was closed by the platform criminal minds 631 million minutes. The rest of the top ten of the aforementioned week were completed with hook (580 m), lost in space (569 AD), unforgivable (566 AD), Seinfeld (511 AD), NCIS (494 m), animals in australia (485 m) y wheel of time (467 AD).

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