“Sing 2” the movie that betrayed the original | Directed and written by Garth Jennings


Singing 2. Come and sing again! 4 points

EE.UU, 2021

Direction and text: Garth Jennings

Music: Joby Talbot

Duration: 110 minutes

In Cinemark Palermo, Cinepolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano and simultaneously.

a sing 2 He should be tried for treason. to betrayal of the origin. Written and directed by British Garth Jennings, author of a gem called Ranbo’s son (2007) first sing (2016) was the epic of the losers, where it was not the epic but the losers that mattered. Not because of their condition but because of what led them to it: they all had too much or lacked something to fit in with ‘normality’. Businessman Buster Moon, owner of a shoddy koala theater, had a lot of enthusiasm and lacked a cast. The cast members he managed to assemble suffered from an almost complete lack of experience in the music business, although they all had some hidden talents. Among them are Johnny, a gorilla with low self-esteem, and Rosita, a piglet who has twenty-five children and dreams of becoming a singer. There were two main things: none of them dreamed of being a star, only of giving their lives on some trip, and they were all charming, because it was obvious that Jennings loved them as friends.

It appears that Jennings, who returned to write and direct the sequel, has sold his soul to Hollywood. in a sing 2 None of it survives. Everything is anonymous, everything is industrial, everything is mass production. Although they look the same, the characters are no longer the same. Now they are nothing. Teenage elephant Mina, self-aware about her excessive body, is just an elephant; Karen the Lizard, the poster’s secretary, who, with her rags and bulging eyes, provided many of the funniest moments in Part One, could now be a weasel or a pterodactyl. I will give the same. And Johnny, who came from a family of lower class thieves, has no family or class here. For a writer or director, it could be called Jennings, Jennings or Johnny, it’s just another screw to set a machine launched toward the box office. In that sense, it wasn’t bad at all. In its US opening week, it “got” more people (financially, so they speak) than an ordeal. Matrix 4, the 40, or whatever. There will be then sing 3And 4 And so on, and each one will be worse than the previous one.

An athletic heart of the original soul, Buster and his team, now aspiring to become stars in show business, as they go to the “entertainment capital” (a terrible Las Vegas day, filled with those colors only plastic can produce.), to seduce the most powerful producer in the world. The work, a product with a helicopter and a tower bearing his name. No, it’s not Trump Tower, but its interiors are quite greasy, with those fixtures of Louis XV furniture and raspberry embellishments and huge windows, in which worldly owners can contemplate the size of their estate. This is the world the koala and his family aspire to. disgust

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