‘Film about husbands’ depicting the cinema world of the Fiesta de Roma

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Rome, October 19 (EFE). The comedy “Film About Couples”, a cartoon of the world of cinema directed by the Dominican Natalia Cabral and the Spaniard Oriol Estrada, was presented today to the official selection of the Rome Film Festival. The problems of love and “vanity and vanity” that surround art.

“It was important to laugh at the profession and laugh at ourselves,” these two filmmakers in their thirties, their movie protagonists, at the official selection of the Romanian competition, and real-life friends, said at a press conference.

Cabral and Estrada, who trained at the Cuban Film School, used to answer the same question over and over again: “What’s it like to work as a couple?”

But unlike what happened to them at other times when they had already learned the answer, in this case they answered differently each time, depending on their mood or whether they had recently argued.

“We often thought it was a more exciting movie than we were making,” Estrada added. So they created a “film about husbands” and starred in it, along with their young daughter, Leah.

Despite the title, the Dominican film delves above all into some clichés from the world of cinema.

Cabral explained, “We were very clear that there had to be comedy. It couldn’t be something serious, we had to laugh about everything, as well as at the idea of ​​the director, who should have the answer to all the questions.” .

However, they saw reality as far from that stereotype, and the film captures the artists’ fears and flaws, from initial trust to audiences or funds to fund projects.

Euphoria experienced by the couple, too, who decided to venture into their own label, Faula Films.

“In the Dominicans, nobody wanted to produce us. At first it was weird because when you study, the production world is in the other corner. But I think it’s better for a director to know how to produce and produce because then you make creative decisions faster, which might even help you in management process,” Cabral said.

“Film About Husbands”, which premiered at the Biarritz Film Festival in Latin America, also puts journalists and film critics in the mirror, and Estrada even joked about the lack of work in some quotes.

“You want to enter Cannes and they don’t kiss you and you ask yourself, ‘Could it be that they didn’t like that moment when we laughed at them?'” “

He also referred, between laughs, to moments of “self-censorship,” where they thought: “That’s too much and then they won’t give us money.”

Not wanting to categorize themselves into a particular genre, with “fictional elements in documentaries and documentary elements in fiction,” Cabral and Estrada brought to the Festival of Rome “a subject that has not been touched upon in cinema and art in general. A way of reference to the self, and the person who lives in that world.” He constantly sees her ‘ego.

Estrada concluded, “Ego is something that prevents a lot of people from feeling happy. We wanted to deal with this problem and what is the best way to put ourselves out there.” EFE

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