The oldest male giraffe in America is in a shelter


(CNN) – Plumpton Park Zoo in Maryland reports that Jamie, the oldest male giraffe in the United States and “probably the world,” is in hospice care.

They are the main attraction of the zoo, which has been their home for the past 25 years.

Most male giraffes rarely reach their twenties. However, Jimmy has managed to defy the odds and is currently 26 years old, according to the zoo’s publication in Facebook social networking site.

Jimmy, the largest male giraffe in the United States. (Credit: Plumpton Park Zoo in Maryland)

“He’s the heart of the zoo, everyone who knows Plumpton Park knows Jimmy,” zoo director Cheryl Lacovara told WJZ Television.

The 1,360-kilogram giraffe had a problem with hooves before 2010, which prompted the zoo to build a pen for modern giraffes. The goal was to improve Jamie’s comfort and general health, according to the zoo.

“With the move to a new giraffe barn, and medical care and management by an incredible team of veterinarians, Jamie exceeded initial expectations,” the zoo’s publication reads. They also make it clear that they will continue to monitor Jamie’s condition closely.

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