The parties in Sonora present their proposals on economic matters


Louis Cardona / reporter

The matches at Sonora, Through them Candidates to me the rulerOn Thursday, they submitted their proposals for EconomieOne of the topics that will be discussed in his book Primer Debate, Which will be in next one April 27.

Alfonso DurazzoStandard Alliance Holder Brown womanAnd PT And PVEMI promised to reduce Formalities to Create from Business, In order to promote Recovery And the Development economic.

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Affiliate 28 (Actions) currently required Statewide, (We’ll go down) to the national average of 13 or seven in United State. We’ll also be doing all of these Formalities It can be done somehow DigitalSaid the former Secretary of Security.

He added that if he wins the state, he will increase Competitiveness In the state with prof Infrastructure plan, With an investment of at least 7 billion pesos, Equivalent 10% From the annual budget.

For this part, Ernesto Gandaracandidate PRIAnd deprivation And fartAfter concluding his two-day tour to the municipalities EmoriesAnd Magdalena And Nogales, Released Draft from Reactivation EconomicalOn the basis of supporting women and youth Small business ownersIt’s a great opportunity, he said growth social And economic.

Once, Ernesto Zaatarin, for him Solidarity Encounter Party (PES), committed to doing better Basic services For the inhabitants and solve them Problems economic, Through a strengthening strategy.

Ricardo Bowers, from Citizen MovementThis Thursday, Magdalena de Quino visited, where she talked about the necessity to promote Domestic consumption to Recovery Economical From the municipality, as well as reinforcement safetyAfter signs of continuous shooting.

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Rosario Robles RoblesParty candidate Power to MexicoHe expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements of his opponent, Ricardo Bowers, Who claimed to be the only suitable person to lead Sonora government, for him capacity To be commented Financial. Via social networks, Robles replied that she had the same thing Experience.

It must be remembered that a file State Electoral Institute decided to The first discussion Among the candidates for the position of Governor of Sonora, the conference will be held on April 27, during which politicians will discuss health, economy, employment, sustainable development, education, culture and anti-corruption.

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