The passenger who started the medical emergency at Palma de Mallorca airport had already been detained in Spain in 2020



November 8, 2021 13:36 GMT

The emergency landing to take care of the man led to a flight of about 20 foreign travelers at the Spanish airport.

The passenger on the Morocco-Turkey flight, who caused his plane to make an emergency landing at Palma Airport (in Mallorca, Spain) due to a medical crisis, had already been detained in 2020.

The passenger, a Moroccan, is one of the 12 detainees for the event that forced Airport activity suspended They are Saint Joan for several hours last Friday. In 2020, the same subject was arrested in Spanish territory, accused of harming and resisting security personnel.

In the last incident, in the middle of the journey, the individual had to be addressed by a Supposed diabetic coma. The plane made an emergency landing at around 7:00 pm (local time) and the patient was taken by ambulance to Son Llàcer Hospital. During the episode, many of the plane’s passengers, mostly Moroccans, ran over the runways.

The search for these by members of the Civil Guard caused the airport to be closed and temporarily closed flight deflection. The passenger who caused the emergency was arrested in the same hospital as soon as he was discharged for a crime Preferring illegal immigration and violating immigration law. The rest of the detainees were arrested nearby.

Each of them will be tried on Monday general chaos, although it is not excluded that they may be charged with other crimes. Meanwhile, the police are investigating whether the event took place Organized by a Facebook group of young people talking about how to enter Spain by air.

The delegate of the government in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo, explained that the detainees “at least they will have their return file, because we must remember that they are people who arrived in society irregularly, and when the judiciary decides it is. They returned to their countries of origin“.

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