The profession of doctors legitimizes abusive conditions

The profession of doctors legitimizes abusive conditions

Occupations such as those that include the health sector have a big dose of profession, Something that is often used as an excuse to commit it abusive working conditions —as the professionals repeatedly denounce— Without fail there are no toilets willing to put up with.

The hematologist pointed out this problem in a thinking posting on his social networks. The specialist was highly critical of his sector, categorically stating “We are the doctors The dumbest group everThis doctor believes that “all our lives they have been telling us that our lives should be like this.” A profession and nothing in return‘, an envelope, according to him, ‘there is Legitimacy of all kinds of abuse“.

The health worker concludes his comment by emphasizing that all medical professionals have “understood” these matters abusive acts And they assume “everything soberly”.

It’s time to demand fair public health

This hematologist’s intervention comes in the form of a response to the complaint of another primary care colleague asking to fight for “Fair Public Health”. He explains in a graph posted that he doesn’t want to “beg”, just “mark an i”. He asserts, “What are there 50 patients and I need 15 minutes to get good care? You take them and take good care of them. What is 30 patients without seeing and nothing urgent? Let them file a claim at the centre.”

In a closing statement, he asked fellow health workers to confront the current situation in order to turn things around. “This is not the time to bow your head. It is time for you to say: No, enough, I’m not going through there.” He adds, “It is better if the (non-urgent) patient enables himself, complains and joins the PCP, than to give shit attention, Rushed, poor quality.”

The letter concluded by encouraging the rest of the doctors to take action, and leaving the complaints of the public aside Fight for your labor rights: “Less grumbling and more waking up and fighting.”

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