The Ranch Season 9: Release Date & Renewal Updates


With its unique blend of comedy, drama, and western flair, The Ranch has amassed a loyal following since its premiere in 2016.

This Netflix original is headlined by Ashton Kutcher, Debra Winger, Sam Elliott, and Danny Masterson, who effortlessly bring to life the shenanigans of the Bennett family on their Colorado ranch.

Popularity of the Series

Season after season, The Ranch has successfully portrayed the highs and lows of the Bennett family in a manner that is heartfelt, humorous, and occasionally, profoundly moving.

The shows charm is firmly rooted in its relatable characters and their trials, triumphs, and everyday tribulations. The clever writing, sharp humor, and nuanced performances have resonated with viewers worldwide, making The Ranch one of Netflix’s most-watched series.

The Ranch Season 9 Release Date

The Ranch has spanned eight seasons, each composed of ten episodes. While the last installment, the 8th season, premiered on January 24, 2020, many fans are eager to know if there is more in store. However, its important to note that Kutcher confirmed on Twitter on June 4, 2019, that the show was set to end with its eighth season.

The Ranch Season 9 Renewal

Netflix’s The Ranch has enjoyed a successful run since its premiere in 2016, amassing a dedicated fanbase drawn to its unique blend of comedy, drama, and western themes. However, fans of the series have been left in limbo concerning the future of the show, namely the status of its renewal for a ninth season.

The final part of the show, also referred to as Season 8, debuted on Netflix on January 24, 2020. The ten-episode season was initially confirmed to be the shows final run when series star Ashton Kutcher announced the news on Twitter back in June 2019. He expressed gratitude for the support of fans and excitement over the then-upcoming twenty episodes, split between 2019 and 2020.

Despite the announcement, there has been speculation and hope among the shows ardent followers for a renewal. The rumors were fueled further when the final season concluded with a sense of hope and potential for further storylines.

Unfortunately, as of now, the creators and Netflix have not announced any plans for a Season 9 of The Ranch. Given the finality of Kutchers statement and the lack of any updates from Netflix, it seems unlikely that the show will return for another season.

The Ranch Season 9 Spoiler

As intriguing as it would be to delve into the potential plotlines for season 9, no official announcement of its renewal has been made. Despite Kutchers earlier announcement, the clamor for more episodes has fans speculating on possible story arcs, leading to rumors about a potential season 9.

The Ranch Season 9 Cast

The Cast Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding season 9, fans eagerly anticipate the return of their favorite characters. Ashton Kutchers Colt Reagan Bennett is the heart of the series, with Danny Masterson as his brother, Jameson “Rooster” Bennett, Debra Winger as their mother, Maggie, and Sam Elliott as the gruff patriarch, Beau Bennett. Elisha Cuthbert shines as Abby Phillips-Bennett, Colts love interest and wife. If a ninth season were to happen, it would be intriguing to see which new characters would join the shows ensemble.

What happened in previous seasons


The Ranch is an American sitcom set in the fictitious town of Garrison, Colorado. It revolves around the lives of the Bennett family, their ranch, and their struggle to keep it afloat while navigating familial and personal relationships.

Season 1 introduces us to Colt Reagan Bennett (Ashton Kutcher), a failed semi-pro footballer who returns to his family’s ranch after a 15-year stint on the field. Colts return is far from smooth as he struggles to reconnect with his gruff and grizzled father, Beau (Sam Elliott), and his older brother, Jameson “Rooster” Bennett (Danny Masterson), who stayed behind to run the family business.

In Season 2, Colt, now fully immersed in ranch life, tries to prove his worth to his father. His relationship with high school sweetheart Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) takes center stage as they navigate their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Beaus relationship with their mother, Maggie (Debra Winger), continues its on-and-off cycle, adding to the shows drama.

Season 3 sees Rooster leaving the ranch due to a threat, leaving Colt to manage the ranch alone. Colts relationship with Abby gets more serious, and they get engaged. Maggie decides to travel, and Beau has a heart attack but recovers.

Season 4 brings new challenges as Colt and Abby get married and anticipate their first child. Beau decides to share the ranch with Colt, showing his faith in his sons capabilities. Abby gives birth to their daughter, and they name her Peyton.

The succeeding seasons focus on the family’s attempts to sustain the ranch amidst various financial hardships. They face cattle theft, wildfires, and disputes with corporate entities. With Rooster presumed dead in Season 6, the Bennett family’s dynamics are shaken up.

In Season 7, Beau decides to retire, leaving the ranch to Colt, who is grappling with the challenges of being a new father. The season ends with a twist as Colt finds evidence that implicates his cousin, Luke (Dax Shepard), in the cattle theft.

The final season, Season 8, wraps up the storylines on a hopeful note. After much turmoil, Colt clears Lukes name and manages to secure a profitable deal for the ranch. Beau reconciles with Joanne (Kathy Baker), his long-time girlfriend, and Colt and Abby mend their strained relationship, promising a fresh start for their family.

Over its eight-season run, The Ranch effectively uses humor and drama to depict life in rural America, successfully portraying the trials and tribulations of a family ranch and the personal lives intertwined with it. It paints a picture of real-life challenges, heartwarming family ties, and the strength of human resilience in the face of adversity.

Ratings of the Show

With an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and a 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, The Ranch has proven its worth. Critics and audiences alike have lauded the series for its authenticity, sharp humor, and touching moments. It has consistently delivered on the fronts of engaging storytelling and character development, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartfelt and hilarious series.

Review of the Show

From its unforgettable one-liners to its deeply moving dramatic moments, The Ranch has beautifully encapsulated the essence of the American ranching lifestyle and the challenges that come with it. The shows richly drawn characters, brought to life by an exemplary cast, are its biggest draw. The Ranch is not just about the highs and lows of life on a ranch. Its about family, friendship, love, and the trials and tribulations that life brings, making it a relatable and endearing watch.


While there’s no official confirmation for The Ranch Season 9 as of yet, the shows journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable. Over its run, it has made audiences laugh, cry, and, most importantly, relate to the characters and their stories. Whether or not there’s a season 9, The Ranch will always hold a special place in the hearts of its fans.

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