the reason? Greg Berhalter, coach of the United States national team, arrives in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

With a backpack on his shoulders and without attracting much attention, Greg BerhalterTechnical USA national teamHe arrived in Honduras on Monday in sweltering heat.

The American strategist did not go unnoticed despite his modesty and was recognized by many Honduran fans who were present at the event. Palmerola International Airport.

OPSA Group had access to the strategist and despite being unwilling to make statements, Berhalter confirmed that his presence in the country is to follow the march of his country’s under-20 team.

Honduras is the pre-World Cup CONCACAF U-20 venue, with several teams competing in this tournament, including the United States, who will face the Canadian team late into the night.

Van Greg Berhalter’s car was waiting for him and he was immediately transported from Comayagua to Tegucigalpa, where at 6:30 pm his country’s national team will seek its second victory in the competition.

The United States national team bears its stamp on the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup and Berhalter was a key part of taking his country to the new World Cup fair, with Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica also being classics.

Berhalter has not specified how long he will stay in Honduras, as his job is to be able to monitor the new prospects of the U-20 team from his country who will play tonight at the National Stadium.

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