Uganda NUSF continues to develop campus basketball

Uganda NUSF continues to develop campus basketball

The competition is the first of its kind in Uganda and will feature 10 institutions competing in the male and female categories, with Makerere University, Ndigi, Nkumba, University of California, Kyambogo, Cavendish University, IUEA, KIU University, Kampala University and Uganda Martyrs.

The tournament will also bring together college students and their best counterparts from the National Basketball Association to compete in a one-of-a-kind event. The last time college teams competed outside of the NBA was in 2015 during the Zuku College Basketball Tournament. Since then, only universities that have participated in FUBU such as UCU, Ndejje and the like have had the opportunity to meet on a competitive level.

“We are happy to take another step forward in this sport. We have a symbolic name and we are confident that this event will raise the bar for the sport of basketball,” Beninagh Kaping, president of the association, commented during the opening.

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Chidiebere Ezeani (NGR), U-Media journalist.

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