The results of the Ugandan presidential election are being contested

The results of the Ugandan presidential election are being contested
Kampala, February 1 (Prinsa Latina) Opposition deputy and pop singer Robert Kyagolani, better known as Bobby Wayne, challenged the results of the last presidential election that Yoweri Museveni had won before the Ugandan High Court of Justice.

The Electoral Commission confirmed on January 16 that Museveni was the winner of the January 14 election, and that Bobby Wayne followed him in the number of votes, who refused to concede defeat.

Once the first partial details of the consultation were known, the opposition called it rigged and rejected the provisional results of the Election Commission in Museveni’s favor.

Tug of war, Wayne described the reported data as wrong and declared himself elected president, which was a clear test of strength in the final stage of the electoral process, as political observers saw.

Subsequently, his legal team, made up of more than 10 attorneys led by Maidard Sigona, Anthony and Amery, expressed the decision to file a case against the election result before the highest judicial body.

In brief statements to the media outside the courtroom, Midard Sigona stated, “We have come to court to formally challenge Museveni’s victory in the last election. We have sufficient evidence to show that the elections were not free and fair.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the ruling party, Casule Lumumbua, rejected the legal procedure and said he was ready to challenge the petition. He stressed that we are confident that the elections were free and fair.

Although the media state that this is the fourth time they have challenged Museveni’s victory in court since 2001, in all cases the requests were not pursued.

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