The San Diego Latino Film Festival announces a virtual version

The San Diego Latino Film Festival announces a virtual version

Only on the day that the 27th edition of the San Diego Latino Film Festival opens, Thursday, March 12th, did the organizers at the Media Arts Center have to suspend the grand celebration, before the unexpected arrival of the pandemic that has forced the cancellation. From mass meetings by the California Department of Health.

And although the epidemic is not over after half a year, the festival recently announced that it is almost ready to adapt to the new reality the world is facing.

“Latinos are disproportionately affected by the epidemic,” explained Moisés Esparza, the festival’s programmer.

The films will be broadcast online Thursday 17th to Sunday 27th September via the site Event Through it, interested audiences must create an account to purchase tickets, request permits, and organize their list of performances, based on their interests under the festival calendar.

Esparza noted that although 90 films were planned for the festival in March, due to distribution and logistics agreements, some films would not participate in the virtualization, so there were some adjustments in programming.

Although some films were left, others were added, and they achieved A. A collection of 130 feature films and shorts. “We’re sure there is something for all tastes,” said Esparza.

Once the date arrives, the virtual programming of the festival will be watched through computers, smartphones and tablets, as well as transmitted on smart TVs. Users purchasing tickets will have three hours to activate or start showing a movie and up to 24 hours to end it.

For distribution reasons, some films will only be available for viewing in the United States, so they cannot be broadcast south of the border, but in this case, the restriction will be indicated on the festival’s website.

“He. She cool Being hypothetical is that we can really reach filmmakers from all over the world and before we have logistical or budgetary problems, so now we don’t have a lot of operational issues and we can focus on the Q&A sessions that we will have at the end of each show with the audience, “he said.

Esparza explained that filmmakers, talented cinematographers and festival programmers will participate in the sessions, and that although some will be pre-registered, others will be shown live and will have a chat system so the audience can ask their questions. The final calendar of interactive sessions will be published by the organizers in the following days.

Festival tickets are now on sale, with prices ranging from $ 9 for Media Arts Center members, $ 10 for students, seniors and military personnel, and $ 12 for general admission.

Digital Gym is changing headquarters

Among the changes imposed from the coronavirus pandemic, the Media Arts Center and Digital Gym cinema headquarters will remain in hypothetical model for the rest of the year and will change buildings from 2021.

The showroom, which has been located for ten years in the North Park neighborhood, recently announced that it will move to an undisclosed location in downtown San Diego.

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