They pay $ 2,000 to see Best Film Winners at the Oscars


Watch Movies On rest days or when there is time, it is a very satisfying activity and a hobby that helps us distract us from everyday life, but if it’s so good, why not get paid for it?

A company answers this question by launching an attractive offer to see the winners at Best Oscar Movie In exchange for a juicy compensation.

Within the framework of delivery 93 of Academy Awards, The company cable TV It pays up to $ 2,021 ($ 40,641 MXN) for anyone who wants and can see winning films in the Best Picture category of the last 21 years.

el Dream job, In addition to asking the person who loves cinema is asking for an avid social network, part of the job involves sharing reviews and opinions about each movie.

According to the call, the Seneville The chosen one will have one month to watch and comment on all movies online. In all, you will have to invest about 46 hours of your time looking at the length of each movie, which every hour will make you $ 43.8 ($ 880 pesos).

In addition to money, the company offers other services Prizes To enjoy the marathon, as a gift card from Amazon $ 100 to Rent or Buy the Movies $ 100 Gift Card Grubhub $ 100 for groceries and sweets, plus four cans of movie popcorn.

While a candidate will not be able to attend this year’s award ceremony, CableTV plans to create a similar festive atmosphere by sending in a red carpet runner and a replica of Oscar statue

What movies will the marathon include?

As mentioned, the dream job requires you to watch all movies Oscar winners From the past two decades, including the one that will be named this year.

The Year – Film

2000 – American Beauty

2001 – Wrestler

2002 – A Beautiful Mind

2003 – Chicago

2004 – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2005 – Million Dollar Baby

2006 – Clash

2007 – deceased

2008 – There is no country for old men

2009 – Slumdog Millionaire

2010 – The Hurt Locker

2011 – The King’s Speech

2012 – The Artist

2013 – Argo

2014 – 12 years of slavery

2015 – Birdman

2016 – Spotlight

2017 – Moonlight

2018 – The Shape of Water

2019 – The Green Book

2020 – Parasites

How to apply?

Candidates must be over 18 years old and be legal residents United State To be able to participate. The request was submitted at Cable TV Web Site.

“Send us a 100-word letter telling us why, of all the movie-loving creatures in the world, you are special,” the company says.

In addition to the written transcript, applicants must fill out a Form Basic information such as name and surname; e-mail; Favorite movie; Where you usually watch movies; In addition to the link of the most used social networks.

The Width limit It’s April 16 at 11:59 PM.

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