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There is less and less in the second season premiere of “Luis Miguel, the series“, A file series Netflix Explores the licensed biography of “Sol de México”. The launch, scheduled for April 18, raised huge expectations among fans across Latin America.

No wonder: in this new episode, the search for the whereabouts of Marcela Bastere, the mother of the Mexican singer, will be one of the arguments that move the plot, as well as the artist’s narratives during adulthood.

In addition, among other events in his life Louis Miguel Which will visualize the production Netflix It is his approach to Frank Sinatra, his concerts in the National Hall of Mexico and the international fame that he forged in the early 2000s.

Next, we show you when you can watch it.Luis Miguel, the seriesOn the podium flow Netflix. Write it down on your calendar.

Timetable to watch “LUIS MIGUEL, THE SERIES”

As if it were a birthday present for the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series“ It premiere on April 18, one day before the 51st birth anniversary of the famous ‘Sol de México’.

To see it at Peru You don’t have to get up early, as the series premieres at 7 pm, around the same time as in Mexico City.

7 pm PeruMexico, Colombia and Ecuador

8 m Venezuela

21:00 Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the United States (ET)

2 am Spain

What else will we see in Season 2?

after two years, “Luis Miguel, the seriesHe will release new episodes depicting his adult life, in which the family history he shared with his children will be shown.

“The second season will be narrated in two timelines and the plot will explore the difficulties that Luis Miguel faced in balancing his family and his career,” he said. Netflix. Diego Bonita will continue to play Louis MiguelHe is also an executive producer of the novel.


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