The SDGs World Cup arrives for the first time in Medellín | today’s news

The SDGs World Cup arrives for the first time in Medellín |  today’s news

Sustainable Development Goals World Cup in Medellin.

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For the first time in Latin America, the official UN World Cup will be held. Called the “SDG World Cup,” it is an international non-competitive 5v5 women’s soccer tournament whose mission is to unite sport and sustainable impact through women from around the world. world, who create projects with a positive impact on their environment, driven by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, using football as a way to send a message about gender empowerment around the 2030 Agenda.

The cup was brought to Colombia by the entity Impact Hub Medellín in alliance with Gol2Soul. Impact Hub Medellín is a community for impact and innovation, present in +60 countries with +100 locations in the world. Since arriving in Medellin, he has implemented +45 ecosystem programmes. For its part, Gol2Soul is a football social enterprise that plays on a football field that is more humane, transparent and offers more opportunities.

You can learn more about the trophy and its range here

To qualify as a team, each team of 5 women must choose one of the 17 UN Global Impact Goals for their community. On match day, the team will play 6-minute matches. The winning team will be the one that combines the project’s exciting and creative impact, with the most exciting football and an active fan base.

The goals of the cup are:

  • Empowering women and highlighting them as a leading element in society and increasing women’s participation in the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.
  • Involve all actors in society: companies, governments, universities, citizens, athletes and NGOs in implementing the 2030 Agenda to achieve the global goals.
  • Forming 20 teams of 5 women in implementing sustainable development goals projects and developing 20 projects related to the United Nations sustainable development goals in the communities of these women.
  • Implementation of 20 projects in various sustainable development goals led by women who will form football teams.

The idea and concept of the GGWCUP is to use football as a tool to unite local women’s groups, promoting the integration, organization and empowerment of strong women across the country.

With more than 4,000 women participating so far and more than 22,500 projects already developed in the affected communities, the SDG World Cup is the only women’s football tournament with a global impact that has reached 5 continents, in cities such as Copenhagen (Denmark) and Nairobi (Kenya). New York (United States), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE), Johannesburg (South Africa), Reykjavik (Iceland), Kristiansand (Norway), Prague (Czech Republic) and others.

As an international platform, the Cup has alliances with organizations such as Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League, Boca Juniors, SAP, the United Nations and is supported by public figures such as Ban Ki-moon (former UN Secretary General), Bill Gates and Malala and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones).

The Cup represents a historic opportunity to advance the 2030 Agenda in Latin America. The event will bring together the most important personalities from the private, public and academic sectors, more than 100 players and 500 participants and will be broadcast by the most relevant broadcasting channels in Colombia, thus creating new relationships and alliances.

The academic agenda of the event will be held in Medellín on Friday, April 21st at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and the Cup will be held at Plaza La Libertad in Medellín on Saturday, April 22nd.

The champion team will earn a place to play the World Cup Final (city and country to be determined), with the champions of other nations in the various cups played since 2022, including Denmark and Norway. Jordan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Nigeria.

Registration for the cup was open until January 31, 2023 and 20 teams from across the country were selected to participate in this first edition. Teams representing Medellín, Bogotá, Girardotta – Antioquia, Las Vegas – Putumayo, Uraba – Antioquia, Amalfi – Antioquia and Miami – USA will be part of this first edition.

The official video of the cup (activate subtitles):

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